The Knife Media was a news website linked to Keith Raniere’s NXIVM (alleged) sex-trafficking cult. The Knife Media attached itself to the Intellectual Dark Web early on by featuring Eric Weinstein‘s Four Quadrant Model and an analysis of the media coverage of James Damore‘s Google Memo, among other IDW-related content.

Tim Pool interviewed Knife Media CEO, Rosa Laura Junco (daughter of Mexican newspaper magnate Alejandro Junco), and Editor-in-Chief, Jens Eric Gould, in March 2018. Although positive about the Knife Media’s approach, Tim was explicit in not overtly endorsing them.

Elon Musk was criticised for praising The Knife Media’s analysis of media bias in a May 2018 tweet while promoting his concept media company, Pravda Corp.

In August 2018, The Knife Media home page was replaced with the words, “The Knife has ceased publishing. Thank you for your interest and support.” amid criminal charges against NXIVM members by US federal prosecutors.

The Knife Media Website (ceased)


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